JCDecaux North America

JCDecaux North America

November 7, 2010

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Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, JCDecaux North America is a trend-setter and an industry reference. From the heart of the Nation’s most beautiful cities to the best shopping malls and top international airports, JCDecaux North America delivers select audiences to advertisers with high-impact networks of state-of-the-art static and digital displays.

Project Description

After many years of utilizing a website which was not easily customizable with no content management system, JCDecaux North America, subsidiary of parent company JCDecaux based in France, decided to upgrade look, feel and the technology behind its site. Update: Over the first year, www.jcdecauxna.com generated over $600,000 in new revenue for JCDecaux North America. The open source cms drupal was chosen as the platform and after months of design, development and implentation, JCDecaux North America launched their new site. www.jcdecauxna.com. A graphic intensive multimedia portal where clients and non-clients alike can view the extensive portfolio. From static creative to newer video units, all can be found through the image and video galleries provided. All easily editable by employees with little to no web experience.


After discussing the scope of the new site, the needs of the company and the architecure, hand drawings were produced with a basic outline of the pages. From there photoshop was used for page layout, pixel by pixel intricacy to allow for ease of cutting. After all pieces were put together, After Effects and Flash were used for the new "Digital" and "Innovate" sections which showcase the new technologies that JCDecaux was so eager to sell. Click on the respective links above to see each section's introduction.

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