Dylan Murphy’s

November 8, 2011

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“Come to Dylan Murphy’s Bar NYC for a brew and some food. Dylan Murphy’s is a great neighborhood bar with a relaxed, yet fun atmosphere. Our selection of beers and liquors, both domestic and imported, is impressive and the happy hour deals don’t get any better. Our bartenders are all pros who love what they do and are easy to have a conversation with which makes the whole experience that much more rewarding. The patrons are a lively bunch, many of whom are well-known by the owners since at least one of the two is usually present to make sure everyone’s having a good time.”

Project Description

Dylan Murphy's Bar on the Upper East Side of manhattan was looking for a site to promote events as well as establish a web presence whereby it would be easier for potential customers to find them. With many options for entertainment on the Upper East side, its a constant struggle to get a business into the public eye.

The first request was to have their menu online to entice customers to enjoy both food and drink. They also wanted to advertise their private party room which allows for a more intimate lounge experience.


After assessing the needs of the establishment, Photos were taken of the establishment from top to bottom for use on the site and also as inspiration for the design of the site itself. Not only did DM's want to show the good times that can be had at their bar, but also the intricacies of the location itself that make it such a great place to be.

Original comps were created in photoshop, also using Illustrator for the logo as well as subtle embelishments throughout the site. All of which was cut and programmed into a cms. The client wanted the ability to update the site on their own

Wordpress was chosen for the CMS for its ease of development and use by the client for updates.

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